Saturday, February 25, 2012

Eureka Parte Dos

Again, for another segment of my episode.
Hotch: ~to Seaver and Reid~ So we have total clearance to the Viper Room?
Seaver: Yes. Along with security tape clearance.
~Morgan drives up. He parks and gets out of the car with everyone else.~
Morgan: Something new came up. Apparntly, he's getting the girl's drugged then hanging them.
Reid: Why weren't we told about it?
Prentiss: No one knew. Sparrow found it out.
~Sparrow lightly blushes.~
Hotch: That's useful to know. ~getting out his phone and dialing Garcia, putting it on speaker~ Garcia?
Garcia: It is I. What knowledge can I bestow upon you today?
Rossi: Have you gotten--
Garcia: The list to the people who have gone to the club recently? Yes.
Hotch: And the--
Garcia: The phone call lists? Yep. Both are coming your way.
Seaver: What would we do without you?
Garcia: You would not be so sucsessful.
Reid: Can you check if any other the people on each list have bought seductive drugs?
Garcia: Is there anything I can't do? Don't answer that. I'll get cracking on that. Bye bye bye!
~Hangs up phone.~
Morgan: Well, what do we do until then?
Hotch: Look around and wait.
~Morgan is on the phone with Garcia. ~
Morgan: Hey. Can you look something up for me?
Garcia: Can the birds sing?
Morgan: Look up Dr. Sparrow. I want to know whats she's involved in.
Garcia: ~typing on her computer~ Um... Not much is coming up. Was a professor at Montana State for half a year. Didn't go to elementry school. Oh! Here's something...
Morgan: What is it?
Garcia: Her age.

~Sparrow is in her apt. when she hears a knock. She answers the door to see Morgan.~
Sparrow: Oh! Hello, Agent Morgan...
Morgan: Can I come in?
Sparrow: Um... yeah. Sorry about the mess. I just moved in.
Morgan: Uh-huh. Listen, I wanted to say I'm sorry for snapping at you.
Sparrow: It's okay...
~Silent for a moment.~
Morgan: Can I ask you something?
Sparrow: O-okay...?
Morgan: How old are you?
Sparrow: That's--
Morgan: Don't say the same thing as you already did. Just tell me the truth.
Sparrow: I can't.
Morgan: Why not?
Sparrow: Because!
Morgan: ~voice rising~ Just tell me why!
Sparrow: ~yelling~ Because I don't want to end up on the streets again! I don't want to be told that I can't do anything because of my age. Without my age, I'm someone. With it, I have NOTHING! I am not going to give everything up just so you can have the satisfaction of knowing how old I am!
Morgan: I--
Sparrow: Leave.
Morgan: Wait--
Sparrow: Leave!
~Sparrow shoves him toward the door and he leaves.~ FADE OUT.

~The team is in the office talking about what to do next. Garcia walks in.~
Garcia: Got it. They said it couldn't be done, but it has!
Rossi: You got a list of the people who've bought seducive drugs?
Garcia: Yeah, but it's suprisingly long. At least twenty people. None related in anyway, other than the drugs and the club.
Reid: So, what's next?
Prentiss: We could go to the club.
Seaver: As FBI or as just club goers?
Hotch: As both. You'll bring your I.D.'s and act like your there to have a good time.
Morgan: Who's going?
Rossi: Everyone.
Garcia: As much as I'd love to groove with all of you, I've got a date that I can't break.
Hotch: I have to take care of Jack.
Reid: I--
Rossi: No. You're going.
Sparrow: I don't think--
Rossi: I think you should go too, Sweeney.
Prentiss: Then, it's settled. Tonight, we'll meet there and "party like it's 1995".
~Stare at her funny.~
Prentiss: Nevermind.

~Everyone is there, in line. Sparrow is fidgeting with her hair nervously. When they get up to the front, they show their I.D.'s. When Sparrow shows hers, he doesn't let her through.~
Jaden: Excuse me, but this I.D. is fake.
Sparrow: Not it's not.
Jaden: I've spent five years looking at I.D.'s, miss, and I know that this is fake. Next!
Sparrow: It's--
~Rossi puts his hand on her shoulder.~
Rossi: That's too bad since she was espescially requested by the owner to come.
Jaden: ...She was...? Fine, but if I get in trouble, it's your head.
Rossi: Of course.
~They go inside the Viper Room. Sparrow goes to one end of the club. She stands there, looking around when someone comes up behind her.~
Erik: Hello, miss.
~She turns sharply.~
Sparrow: Oh, hi.
Erik: I couldn't help wondering, if you would dance with me? I mean if you didn't want to...
Sparrow: Sure. I'm Naomi.
Erik: What a nice name. I'm Erik.
~He takes her hand, leading her to the dance floor. They begin to dance. They're both having fun.~
Erik: So, Naomi... What you do for a living?
Sparrow: I'm a... FBI agent. I'm actually working on a case.
Erik: About?
Sparrow: A prostitute killer. And you?
Erik: Doctor.
Sparrow: Nice.
~Erik looks at his watch.~
Erik: I have to go soon.
Sparrow: So soon?
Erik: Hey here's my number. Call me sometime.
Sparrow: And here's mine. Call me if you hear anything about the killer.
Erik: Of course.
~Kisses her hand. Erik leaves. Sparrow walks around and sees Reid, all alone. Girls are walking straight past him. She walks over to him.~
Sparrow: Hello, Dr. Reid.
Reid: Oh, hi. How are you?
Sparrow: Better than you look. Any luck?
~He shakes his head.~
Sparrow: ~biting her lip` Here, come with me.
~She takes his hand. He trys to refuse but can't.~
Sparrow: Girls will be all over you when I'm done.
~They go to the dance floor.~


Friday, February 24, 2012


No, not as in you stink, my dear! As you can tell, I'vejust had a major breakthrough! I have writen part of my script (the Sweeney one...). Here it is lovelys!
Hotch: Rossi? I just recieved a letter of recommendation.
~Rossi stops what he's doing.~
Hotch: You know she's too young.
Rossi: So was Reid.
Hotch: Reid was of age when he joined us. We could be put in jail for child labor.
Rossi: There must be someway--
Hotch: No. Trust me, I've tried. I've never seen you like this, Rossi, and it scares me.
~Rossi sighs and puts his head into his hands.~
Rossi: It's just... I knew her parents in high school. I feel...
Hotch: Responsible?
Rossi: Yeah.
~Moment of silence.~
Hotch: What if she wasn't reallya part of the team?
Rossi: What?
Hotch: What if we paid her for her services, but she wasn't a part of the team?
Rossi: Ah!... Would that work?
Hotch: Honestly, I have no idea. But, it's worth the try.
Rossi: I'll call her and tell her the news.
~He starts to leave.~
Rossi: Aaron ,you're a good guy.
~Rossi leaves.~ FADE OUT
 (More or less...)
~Next day, Sweeney is there early, talking to Rossi. The BAU, minus Hotch comes in.~
Prentiss: I didn't know you had a daughter...?
Rossi: I don't. This is Dr. Sweeney Sparrow.
Reid: You look to young to have gone to medical school.
Sparrow: So do you, Dr. Reid.
Rossi: She had two PhD's.
Sparrow: But, I did go to medical school for a year.
Morgan: Oh great, another super genius. How old are you?
Sparrow: That's classified information.
~They look at her funny.~
Hotch: ~walking in~ Why haven't we started yet? You must be Dr. Sparrow.
~They shake hands and sit down.~
Garcia: Well, you all get to stay home for this case. Right here in D.C., the unsub is going to this club called-
Reid: The Viper Room.
~They look at him strangly.~
Reid: I-I read ahead.
Garcia: Uh-huh... Anyways, the unsub is raping and killing the vicims.
Morgan: Prostitutes?
Garcia: Bingo bango bongo, baby
Reid: What about DNA? If he--
Seaver: Or she.
Reid: ...Or she...raped the victims, wouldn't there be DNA?
Garcia: Actually there was too much DNA.
Seaver: But, we've narowed it down, right?
Sparrow: Actually, the mixture of semen and the such would be near impossible to figure out who's is who's.
Prentiss: What about people who came to the club last night?
Garcia: Working on that.
Morgan: But, you can also call for a girl to come to you.
Garcia: Only you would know that.
Hotch: So we check their phones.
Rossi: Then it's settled. Hotch, let's go to the dumpsite. The rest of you, split into two groups.
Hotch: One group, go see the bodies. The other, go talk to the club owner and see what you can get out of him.
~Hotch and Rossi leave.~
Morgan: So, Dr. Sparrow. I swear I've heard your name before.
Sparrow: ~sighs~ Think London musicals, JohnnyDepp...
Reid: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
Seaver: That's really ironic. Being named after a fictional murderer and working for the people who put those kinds of people in jail.
Sparrow: What can I say? My parents loved the musical and were expecting a boy.
Morgan: Anyways, Hotch isn't going to be happy if he finds out we're standing here, gossiping.
Reid: Technically, we're sitting down.
Morgan: Right... Prentiss, Dr. Sparrow, and I'll go to the bodies. Reid and Seaver, go talk to the Viper Room owner.
Garcia: And I'll do the usual, manning that computer.
~Morgan leaves with Prentiss, Reid, and Seaver. Sparrow pauses, nods at Garcia, and leaves.~ FADE OUT.
~Reid and Seaver are at the closed Viper Room.~
Ronard: Can I help you? This club is closed.
Reid: As we can see.
Seaver: Hi. We're with the FBI. We'd like to talk to you about the murders recently.
Ronard: I knew this would happen. Come on.
~Leads into his office.~ FADE OUT.

~Rossi and Hotch are in the warehouse where the bodies were found.~
Hotch: Rossi. Rossi!
Rossi: Wha-?
Hotch: Why do you think it's a warehouse?
Rossi: Um, perhaps he's ashamed and he doesn't want to be caught...?
Hotch: ~looking at him funny~ I f you're really that worryed about her, why didn't you have her come with us?
Rossi: So, she could be a part of the team.
Hotch: Good choice. You were right to do that.
Rossi: I know but... I can't help but to worry.
Hotch: Prentiss wasn't that far off when she asked if she was your daughter.
Rossi: You heard that?
~Hotch nods.~
Rossi: ~sighing~ What kind of warehuse did this used to be?
Hotch: For a cement factory, I believe.
Rossi: Let's find out about previous workers or owners who could have a key.
~Hotch nods.~ FADE OUT
~Morgan, Prentiss, and Sparrow are in the car. Sparrow has head phones in, looking at the files.~
Prentiss: You don't trust her.
~Morgan looks at her.~
Morgan: I let her join, didn't I?
Prentiss: Morgan, don't insult me. I've been profiling for too long and I've known you too well. You're keeping her close that way you can keep an eye on her.
Morgan: Maybe I don't. What's wrong with that?
Prentiss: Nothing. I just wanted to know I was right.
Morgan: Is it really that noticable?
Prentiss: ~she nods~ You only glare at her everytime you see her.
Morgan: ~sighs~ I don't know why but I don't trust her.
Prentiss: You'll get used to it. We all will.
~Seaver and Reid are in the hot office, waiting. Ronard walks in.~
Ronard: Listen, I've talked to my girls. No one saw anything or anyone unusual. Just the usual gents.
Reid: We'd still like to talk to them. Also, do you have any security tapes that we could see?
Ronard: There are a few camera... I'll have Jaden, my body guard, get those to you. Anything else?
Seaver: Yeah, could we have ability to come here if we needed to without charge?
Ronard: ~bowing~ Consider it done.
~Seaver is smiling at him, while Reid begins to fell uncomfortable.~
Reid: Shouldn't we be going?
Seaver: Oh, yes. Thank you again, Mr....
Ronard: Ronard, just Ronard. But you can call me--
Reid: Let's go.
Reid: What was that about?
Seaver: I found that guys like Ronard like to flirt. The more flirtacious you are, the more you'e likly to get for free.
Reid: I'll remember that... ~pauses~ Wait, flirtacious isn't a word. You made that up.
Seaver: ~smiling~ So is the word Klingon. ~walking away.~
Reid: Klingon is a fictional tribe! Flirtacious isn't a word!
~Sparrow is looking at the body while Morgan, Prentiss and Chris talk.~
Morgan: So this is...?
Chris: Mary Chaure (Char).
Prentiss: And you are...?
Chris: Christian Riodran
Sparrow: This is intresting. Why weren't we we told about this?
Chris: About what?
Sparrow: If you look closely, you can see a puncture. As if from a needle.
Prentiss: Is this on the other girl as well?
Chris: I-I didn't know. I don't know.
~Gets out other body.Sparrow looks closely at the neck.~
Sparrow: Yes! It's here.
Morgan: It's hard to see.
Sparrow: It's because of the rope burn.
Morgan: I knew that.
~Sparrow bites her lip and backs off. Prentiss glances at her and Morgan.~
Chris: ~whispering~ Is he alright?
~She nods.~
Chris: ~louder~ Dr. Sparrow, could I talk to you for a moment?
Sparrow: Of course.
~They leave.~
Prentiss: Morgan, is everything alright? You're snapping at everyone.
Morgan: I'm fine.
Prentiss: Are you sure?
Morgan: Yes! Tell Dr. Sparrow that we're leaving soon.
~Prentiss sighs and exits. Sparrow and Chris are at his desk, marking where the puncture was and the such.~
Sparrow: --Which could've been a seducive.
Chris: That would help the unsub take the girl's and tye them up.
Sparrow: Then, once they woke up, he/she would hang them!
Chris: Of course!
Prentiss: We're leaving soon.
Sparrow: Okay, thank you, Agent Prentiss. Bye, Chris.
Chris: Bye!
~Prentiss and Sparrow are outside.~
Prentiss: You two made friends quick.
Sparrow: Only friends, Ag--
Prentiss: Why do you call me Agent?
Sparrow: Why does Agent Morgan hate me?
Prentiss: Don't answer a question with a question.
Sparrow: Well, I didn't know, because I'm new, if I should callyou agent beforehand or just your name. I went with what seemed safer.
Prentiss: Just Prentiss will be fine.
Sparrow: Since I've answered your question, now for mine. Why does Agent Morgan hate me?
~Morgan shows up without either of the girls noticing.~
Prentiss: I-I don't think he hates you.
~Sparrow looks at her, knowingly.~
Prentiss: You see, he's very protective of his team and any new person can be seen a threat.
Morgan: ~sarcasticly~ Great way to put it.
~Sparrow looks down suddenly.~
Sparrow: Hello, Agent Morgan.
Morgan: I called Hotch. He wants us to meet with the rest of the team at the warehouse. Well, back on the road again.
~Hotch, who is putting his phone away, looks at the building.~

That's all for now but, wait for the next part of my episode!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is there a doctor in the house?

Yes there is. Here is everything I know about Dr. Reid:
  1. hates new tech
  2. 3 PhDs: Math, chem, Engineering
  3. 3 BAs: psycho, socio, phiso
  4. grad at LA high: age 12
  5. 26 years old
  6. little bit autistic
  7. possibility to be Schizophrenic because of his mom
  8. mom was biggest influence
  9. writes to mam in asylum everyday
  10. bullied in school
  11. one time stripped nekid and tied to a goal post
  12. coaching basketball helped his social standing
  13. dad left (age 10) because mom was involved in a murder
  14. socially akward
  15. JJ's son's god father
  16. Gideon was like his mentor
  17. had a small crush on JJ, but mostly a bro-sis relationship
  18. Derek is like his bro
  19. reads 20,000 words per min.
  20. IQ: 187
  21. Hotch had to kick him once to get his gun away from him
  22. held hostage twice
  23. got addicted to pain killers once because of a hostage situation he was in
  24. germaphobic
  25. slight OCD
  26. <3 star Trek and Star Wars
  27. Called doctor and not Agent because Gideon was worried that people wouldn't respect him because of his age
  28. expert on historical killers, stats, geo profile, maps, and body lingo
  29. not good with pronouncing languages
  30. understands enough Russian to see a 5 hr. movie
  31. ramble on and on
  32. asked for extra credit in school
  33. mom: 15th cent. lit. professor
  34. dad: attourney
  35. uncle: Daniel, dead
  36. <3 soap oprahs
  37. skilled magican
  38. guns: Glock 19, smith & wesson model 65
  39. car: horizon blue volvo amazon p130
  40. </3 creamed spinage
  41. <3 indian food
  42. </3 chopsticks
  43. <3 coffee with A LOT OF SUGAR!
  44. good at card games
  45. leg ingury (Show) = knee surgury (Real)
  46. killed 3 unsubs
  47. cut his hair (Hotch: "what, did you join a boy band?")
  48. <3 Halloween
  49. Plays piano
  50. afraid of the dark "because of the inherent absence of light"
  51. lives near the Van Ness Metro in D.C.
  52. Able to drive (Age 14), gov. wouldn't give it to him
  53. Calls Prentiss "Emily"
  54. Banned from many casinos
  55. B-day: Oct. 9 1981

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Idea for a Script...

I am... The oracle of awesomeness... Speak, oh fateful one. Hey, One thing you should know about me is that I hate to be on the same idea for a longish period of time. So, I have yet another script idea. Actually, it's more of an idea for a new character and her first episode. I shall define who she is, then her back story, and finally, her first episode. Read it and weep.
Name: Sweeney Naomi Sparrow
Gender: Yes, she is a girl...
Age: 16
I.Q.: 190 (three points higher than Reid)
Job(s): College professor (Montana State, half year, Sociology), BAU Special Agent
School(s): No Elementary, Mt. Tabor Middle School, online high school, Montana State
PhD(s): Sociology and Psychology
BA(s): World Language and Medical
Story: Her parents were expecting to have a boy and they loved the musical Sweeney Todd, so they named her Sweeney. Her parents died at age 4. At the orphanage, at age 5, they found out that she was at a middle school learning level, so she skipped all of elementary and went to middle school for a year. She felt akward around people so, after she ran away from the orphanage, she took online high school. She ended up being smarter than most of the teachers. Since Sweeney was always correcting them, they figured that she could graduate at age 10. She took one year of medical school and Montana State, one year of world languages, and three years of Sociology. By this time, she was 14. She became a professor at Montana State, teaching Sociology, but then the government found out and had her resign. Rossi knew her parents from high school and first, paid for most of her college expenses, then told her of the BAU. She went back to school, took one and a half years of Psychology, getting her PhD. The other reason Rossi paid for her schooling was that she reminded him of Reid.
First Episode: She, along with the help of Rossi, applied for a job with the BAU. Hotch knew how old she was, so they figured out a plan to let her work with them. Rossi would pay for lodging, transportation, and food. The rest of the team doesn't trust her because she gets angry when her age is asked about and they don't know how old she is. Morgan has Garcia look her up. After finding out her age, he confronts her. Sweeney gets angry and half lashes out at him (Because of her inexperience with people, she doesn't deal with anger well). Meanwhile a case is going on. A guy is killing prostitutes from a club called the Viper Room (named after the club Johnny Depp co-owned). Later on, the whole team minus Garcia and Hotch go to the club. The bodyguard at the door hastles Sweeney because he knows her I.D. is fake.Rossi makes a distraction by saying that the owner of the club asked her to come. While inside, a man asks to dance with her. His name is Erik. She does and gets his number. She notices Reid's hopelessness with girls. Even though she has anger issues, she knows how to make girls go crazy. so, Sweeney dances with him. It works and the girls are all over him. Rossi and then later Reid, thank her. Erik calls her about evidence of the killer. It isn't till she gets there that she realizes that Erik is the killer. He shows her the rope he will use to hang her with. He begins to pester her about her age. She tells him after her arm is dislocated (this is the first time her age is mentioned). The police and the BAU show up, answering a neighbour's distress call, hearing the screams inside. They try negotiating with Erik, but he's tying the knot. Morgan, Reid, and Prentiss begin sneaking up from the back. Erik puts the noose around Sweeney's neck and goes to push her. Prentiss shoots him and he falls on Sweeney, causing her to hang. Morgan cuts the rope while Reid loosens the knot. Whn the rope comes off, she gasps for air and holds onto the closest person, Reid. Even though now the whole team knows her age, they don't say anything and she stays on the team. The episode ends with Reid and Sweeney playing chess. She actually beats him. He suggests poker. She smiles and gets out a deck of cards.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm trying to write a Criminal Minds script...

Hello, You've tapped into the main computer of the FCAI (Federal Company of Abnormal Intelligence). Hey, I am trying to create a script for the best show on t.v. right now. I have not gotten very far. I shall tell you what it is about.
There is a mystery/crime novelist and when she was twelve, there was a murderer dubbed "Anonomous Mr. X" (Sorry about the name, I know it sucks). As we know, Hotch and Rossi used to work together previous to the BAU. Alice, the novelist, was one of the victims and when she was about to be killed, Hotch, Rossi, and the rest of their team back then, got there and stopped it. She was sent to live in England, where her aunt lived. Eight years later, Anonomous Mr. X is back and the BAU is assigned to the case. Hotch and Rossi decide that Alice could be able to help them, since she was a victim. Of course, they forget to tell her what the case is about. When the case is reveiwed among the BAU, she freaks and runs out of the building. Hotch confronts her and Rossi is stuck with the team who are quite confused. She comes back inside and tells them that she is a victim of the murderer. Alice decides that in order to get rid of her fears, she must help the BAU withthis case. The BAU is concerned that she won't be able to help them. Especially Dr. Reid because he knows what it's like to be in a hostage/victim sitution and he worried about the possibility of post tramatic stress disorder (post TSD). Hotch fears that the killer is waiting to attack his unfinished victim (Alice) whom Hotch treats as if she was another of his children. He is taking her to and from her hotel room. On the second day of searching and profiling, Hotch was taking her to her hotel and a sniper shot through the window and through her hand. While she is in the hospital, Rossi suggests that they have her stay with the rest of the BAU so that she can be protected. The rest of them agree and so she stays with each of them (Not including Garcia). With Hotch, Alice stays up all night, looking at the pictures of the bodies, new and old. She notices that the deaths were becoming more rushed and the cause of deaths were different (the older victims were stabbed, the newer ones were caused by head trauma). Alice begins to realize that in order to catch Mr. X, she has to go to him. So, one night, she arms herself with Reid's Glock 19 and goes to the same abandoned house that she was suppose to die in. As she expected, he was there. His identity was revealed as the sherriff. He tries to kill her again, but, Reid woke up and notified the rest of the BAU. They got there in time to stop himbefore anything really happened, other than a deep cut on her cheek. Theyarrest him and soon after, she decides to go home to England. This depresses Hotch and the rest of the BAU.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Agent Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner

We meet again, my goodly delicious temple of chocolaty love! Today, I speak of Hotch, the never smiling, never blinking guy. Yeah, that one. He made the unfortunate mistake of marrying his high-school sweety, Haley. So, I was watching 3x02 "In Name and Blood", yeah the one where Hotch was supposed to be transfering into a new division. Well, when he decided to take Derek up on the offer to help out on a case, I was cheering inside for him. Then, Mrs. Hotchner comes around and disagrees with the desicion. In the back of my mind, I was totally yelling at her. I watched the whole episode, then at the end, I FREAKING CRIED! HOW COULD SHE? Hotch was just being a hero! Why'd she have to leave him? I almost swore off Criminal Minds forever, then I remembered Reid... Ah... Dr. Reid... Needless to say, I'm still watching.

Penelope Garcia is My Main Influence.

If you have been duefully reading my fasinating blogs, you might notice that I sound a bit like Garcia! Well, I do. So, there. I also know a lot about her character. Such as she dropped out of CalTech, the same school that is hinted that Reid went to. Hmmm.... Intersting. Does anyone else know anything about CalTech? I'd really like to know, so contact me!